Kenny Estes

Kenny Estes

Kenny Estes attended Truman State University in Kirksville, MO, earning degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science in 2006. As a freshman, he purchased his first single family home to live in and started renting it out the following year.  This opened his eyes to the joy of buying, owning, and renting real estate, and he made it a hobby.  Over the next five years he grew this hobby to include over 100 rental units and a property management company.

In 2002, Kenny Estes started working for Getco LLC (now KCG), one of the earliest and most prestigious high frequency trading firms. Over the next 10 years, Kenny worked as a trader and computer programmer in both their Chicago and London offices.

In 2008, his father, Dan Estes, bought a 32 unit apartment building in South Bend and quickly realized the potential in single family residential properties in the area.  Dan and Kenny started buying homes and before long opened the opportunity to an initial three brave investors.  As of this writing they have 4 full time employees in Indiana and about 180 units producing solid returns without ANY leverage.

In August of 2012, Kenny Estes turned this hobby into full time career when he resigned from Getco and moved back to the United States.  At the same time, Pear Tree Property was born.  He’s now 29 and has 10 years of experience in both finance and real estate.  He’s looking forward to building a strong portfolio of income producing properties for himself and his investors.

Recently, Kenny started writing a blog talking about his thoughts on real estate, how Pear Tree Property is going to grow, and how they invest.

In his free time, Kenny Estes enjoys setting challenges for himself.  He’s an Ironman, a private pilot, an advanced open water SCUBA diver, a passably good skier, and a lover of travel.