Pear Tree Property

Here at Pear Tree Property, we are first and foremost investors.  Our goal is to invest in assets which produce high passive cash flow but also have a large potential upside.  In the current environment, we feel the best bet is rural rental real estate.

We are ambitious.  We intend to grow our investment pool through both new funds and reinvested distributions until we are large enough to form a REIT and IPO.

At the moment we invest in the South Bend/Mishawaka area of Indiana.  We recognize that in order to reach our growth goals we will have to expand our operations into new markets.  We are currently seeking investments which will allow us to do just that.

What’s In the Name – Pear Tree Property

In late 2012, Kenny Estes decided to retire from his job in finance and focus on taking his hobby to the next level.  It was in some sense a new start, and as such warranted a new name.

He spent some time mulling over the idea until one day he got a call from his mother asking him to come help his parents pick pears out of the pear tree in their front yard.  Four hours of tree climbing fun later, he’d settled on a new name: Pear Tree Property.

The Pear Tree in Pear Tree Property

The pear tree that started it all

Our Investment Philosophy

Pear Tree Property shares the Chinese philosophy that to make a difference it takes hard work, diligence, and patience.  We fly in the face of much of the “traditional wisdom” claimed by real estate gurus and choose to invest using low financing for high passive cash flow.  No investment should be viewed as a way to “get rich quick.”  We choose to build wealth slowly and steadily to reach our goals.  We feel in the long run this is how we’ll reach our goals without any sleepless nights and few setbacks along the way.

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